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Dear ACA Member:


Through your support, the American Correctional Association was able, for the first time ever, to purchase a national headquarters building. Our office is located in historic Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, close to our nation's capital. We cordially invite you to visit your headquarters anytime you are in the area.


We have room to grow and currently lease some space to tenants, which helps to reduce our mortgage payments. The building and two parking lots that were included in the purchase will be paid off in less than twenty-five years --- a major accomplishment for our members. Your membership has been, and continues to be, an investment in professional corrections. Your support was crucial to ACA's success in owning its first national headquarters.


Now, we are calling on you for help in our future. We need to repair and replace many windows in our building, and we need to replenish our cash reserves. Other projects are needed within the headquarters as well, such as increased security access on our doors.


We are requesting that you invest in your association's future by contributing to the A Window to Our Future Capital Campaign either through direct contribution and/or future pledges. You may charge your contribution to a credit card, pay online at the Donation Page, or make a pledge for future months' or years' contributions. We have enclosed a donation card you can use to make a contribution and/or pledge. ACA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization so your contributions are tax deductible just like donations made to charities and other nonprofit organizations. December 31st is fast approaching so, if you are planning charitable donations for 2007, why not donate to your professional association?


ACA works hard every day to represent the corrections profession. We are your national voice on Capitol Hill. We are the authority on standards for the corrections profession. We are the gold standard for national conferences, and our publications are without equal. Our Online Academy and training remain trend-setters for corrections.


When we purchased our headquarters, we had saved a sizeable amount of money for that purpose. We were able to purchase our headquarters without raising member dues. In fact, member dues have not been raised in 20 years. Now, it is time to replenish our cash reserves for unexpected expenses as well as to improve the physical plant of our building.


On behalf of all the Association's past presidents, we need you to recommit your support to the National Voice of Corrections --- the American Correctional Association. Won't you help us build for our future? Remember, your contribution is eligible for tax deduction if you qualify. ACA will send you a receipt for your contribution, or a reminder for your pledge. Please look over the enclosed flyer for options you may want to consider, as our way of saying more than just "thanks." We hope we can count on you, and we are thankful for any amount you can contribute or pledge.



Gwendolyn C. Chunn

Campaign Co-Chair

President 2004-2006

Charles J. Kehoe

Campaign Co-Chair

President 2002-2004

Louie L. Wainwright

Campaign Co-Chair

President 1971

Harold W. Clarke

ACA President 2008-2010

Gary D. Maynard

President 2006-2008

Hon. Betty Adams Green

President 2000-2002

Richard Stalder

President 1998-2000

Reginald A. Wilkinson

President 1996-1998

Bobbie L. Huskey

President 1994-1996

Perry M. Johnson

President 1992-1994

Hon. Helen G. Corrothers

President 1990-1992

Samuel Sublett, Jr.

President 1988-1990

T. Don Hutto

President 1984-1986

Su Cunningham

President 1986-1988

John Braithwaite

President 1975

Norman Carlson

President 1978-1980

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