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Page Title: Publishing And Periodicals
Corrections Today Archives
  • 2003 and 2004 Corrections Today Archives
  • 2005 and 2006 Corrections Today Archives
  • 2007 and 2008 Corrections Today Archives
  • 2009 and 2010 Corrections Today Archives
  • Month 2011 2012
    February/March Juvenille Corrections Standards and Accreditation
    April/May Eco-Friendly Corrections Reentry Programs
    June/July Best in the Business Best in the Business
    August/September Preparing for Disaster Special Populations
    October/November Mental Health Professional Development
    December 2012/January 2013 Training and Tecnology Women Working in Corrections

    December 2012/January 2013
    Commentary: Women Working in Corrections: New Questions, Different Voices
    By Andie Moss

    Continuing Support for Women in Corrections
    By Joan Shoemaker and Susan Jones

    Women in Juvenile Justice: Leadership Advice From Professionals
    By Cherie Townsend

    Friends Outside's Positive Parenting for Incarcerated Parents: An Evaluation
    BBy Charlene Wear Simmons, Amanda Noble and Marcus Nieto

    October/November 2012
    Commentary: The Importance of Quality Training and Development in Corrections

    By Ken Sturdy

    Professional Development in Corrections: Commitment or Complacence?a>
    By Robert J. Krieg

    Wyoming Department of Corrections Uses Technology to Provide Realistic Staff Training
    By Peter Norris and Jeffie Wiggins

    The Key to Managing Staff Training: A Learning Management System
    By Diane Geiman

    August/September 2012
    Commentary: Addressing Special Populations in Corrections
    By Thomas E. Patterson

    Juveniles Who Sexually Offend: Special Considerations for a Population Difficult to Define
    By Susan Burke

    Military Prisoners: How Do They Differ From Civilian Offenders?
    By David Haasenritter and Peter J. Grande

    The Role of Family and Pro-Social Relationships in Reducing Recidivism
    By Lorig Charkoudian, Bonita L. Cosgrove, Dennis P. Ferrell and Shawn M. Flower

    Roanoke County Sheriff's Office Is on the Cutting Edge of Accreditation
    By Denise Ory

    June/July 2012
    Commentary: Best in the Business Recipients Exemplify Change in Corrections

    By Carl C. Danbergnt>

    Correctional Officer's Quick Actions Give Victim a Second Chance at Life
    By Lisa Harlow

    Heroic Correctional Officer Saves Fellow Officer
    By Alice Heiserman

    Prison Libraries Make a Difference in Colorado
    By Jenna Scafuri

    Navy Leader Provides Sound Judgment in Military Corrections
    By Kate Shaw

    Demystifying the Role of Correctional Health Care Providers
    By Harbans Deol and Ed O'Brien

    April/May 2012
    Commentary: Reentry - Recidivism Reducing Strategies in Challenging Times

    By Ray Roberts

    Making Reentry Work in Maryland
    By Mark Vernarelli and Erin Julius

    Mentoring4Success: Mentoring Adult Offenders in Kansas
    By Gloria J. Geither

    Stopping the Madness: A New Reentry System for Juvenile Corrections
    By By Scott Sells, Irene Sullivan and Donald DeVore

    February/March 2012
    Commentary: Accreditation Matters

    By Denise M. Robinson

    Juvenile Detention and Corrections Standards: Looking Back and Ahead
    By Mary Livers and Charles J. Kehoe

    ACA's Core Jail Standards - Two Years Later
    By Rod Miller

    Accreditation of the Mexico Federal Prison System: Utilizing Core International Standards
    BBy Cathy Slack, Ben Shelor and Kathy Black-Dennis

    December/January 2012
    Commentary: Modern Training in Corrections

    By Artis R. Hobbs/font>

    Correctional Training and Technology: Keys to the Future
    By Eugene Atherton and Paul Sheldon

    Implementing Online Training: The Experience of the Montgomery County Department of Probation
    By Diane Geiman

    The Arkansas Sex Offender Assessment Process: Doing It Right
    By Sheri Flynn

    Communications and Publications Director Touched Many Lives
    By Susan Clayton

    October/November 2011
    Commentary: Addressing the Mental Health Crisis in Corrections
    By Bruce Sieleni

    Collaboration for Success in Interagency Correctional Mental Health Reentry
    By Bob Mann, Donna Bond and Robert Powitzky

    Behavior Management Plans Decrease Self-Injury
    By Sharen Barboza and John S. Wilson

    Reduce Recidivism Among Mentally Ill Offenders With Intensive Outpatient Support Programs
    BBy Declan Wynne and Kevin St. Jacques

    August/September 2011
    Commentary: When Disaster Strikes, Strike Back With a Culture of Preparedness

    By Brian Koehn

    The Role of Leadership Style in Emergency Preparedness
    By Doug Dretke and Joe Serio

    Ensuring the Best Defense When Faced With an Unimaginable Opponent
    By Cathy Fontenot

    Lessons Learned: How Harris County Jail Prepares for Disasters
    By Ronny Taylor and Steven Gregory Crianza Jr.

    The Mississippi DOC: Prepared to Meet the Responsibility of Emergency Response
    By Patricia Dean-Wilson

    June/July 2011
    Commentary: Celebrating Success in Corrections

    By Eric Hoch

    Willam Babb: Pastor Makes a Difference in Indiana Corrections
    By Lisa Harlow

    Gena Chandler-Miller: Teen Summits Help Youths in Philadelphia
    By Brian Nielsen

    Kathleen Heine: Change and Challenges at Wyoming Women's Center
    By Jeannelle Ferreira

    Manuel Najarro: Technology and Dedication: Recipe for Success
    By Cody McBeth

    Suzanne Somerville: Innovative Mental Health Programs Improve Jail Operations
    By Jenna Scafuri

    Understanding and Implementing PREA Programs
    By Rhonda Vega

    Pennsylvania Works to Eliminate Sexual Assault in Prisons
    By Joyce Lukima

    April/May 2011
    Commentary: Sustainable Practices Make Sense for Corrections

    By Tommy Norris/font>

    Greening of Corrections: Creating a Sustainable System
    By Mindy Feldbaum, Frank Greene and Sherry Carroll

    BOP Meets Conservation Goals With Energy Saving Performance Contract Program
    By Dave Williams, Marie Ferritto and Larry Sayles

    Green Job Training in Prisons Benefits Everyone
    By Leah Morgan

    February/March 2011
    Commentary: New Practices in Juvenile Justice

    By Cheryln K."Cherie" Townsend

    Functional Family Therapy and Multisystemic Therapy: Doing More With Less
    By Donald W. DeVore

    Reducing Sexual Offending Among Juveniles in Maine
    By Sue Righthand, Nina Boulard, Julia Cabral and Asia Serwik

    Juvenile Recidivism - Measuring Success or Failure: Is There a Difference?
    By Colette S. Peters and Shannon Myrick

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