Position: Caroline Detention Facility – Assistant Superintendent

Job Description:

The Assistant Superintendent is charged with the overall responsibility of all security operations at the Caroline Detention Facility (CDF). This is a management level position at the CDF.
Duties and Responsibilities
Provides professional and administrative work in the management of daily operations for the custody, security, control and welfare of detained non-citizens in compliance with mandatory ICE standards, institutional policies and procedures, and Federal, State and local law; Directly supervises the Detainee Management Chief, the Security Chief, the Security Support Chief and the Finance Manager, to include work schedules, paid time off, time management, and the completion of assigned duties, including the supervision of staff in their respective sections; Evaluates subordinate job performances, issues corrective action as required, and provides written evaluations according to CDF policy; Ensures subordinate staff are appropriately trained to fulfill their respective duties in compliance with mandatory ICE standards, institutional policies and procedures, and Federal, State and local law; Provides indirect supervision of Lieutenants, Sergeants, Detention Officers, Detention Specialists, Human Resources Generalist, and Finance and Maintenance staff; Manages security processes in accordance with written policy and procedures, monitors compliance with the security procedures, maintains 24-hour availability. Ensures all security operations, training procedures, and the processing of grievances within the facility comply with facility criteria, mandatory ICE standards, Federal, State and local law, and budgetary limitations; Ensures support operations (i.e. laundry, food service, commissary, etc.), and associated equipment for providing same, are appropriately functioning and proper safety, security and hygiene standards are being met; Develops and maintains instruments to track pertinent information related to detained non-citizens; Maintains records, prepares reports and composes correspondence relative to work; Participates in mandatory facility inspections/audits; Reviews job applications, conducts hiring interviews and recommends most qualified candidates; Develops draft policies, procedures and post orders for sections under his or her authority and ensures approved policies, procedures, and post orders have been properly implemented and are being correctly followed; Participates in the annual policy and procedure review; Performs related work as required. Handles other duties and responsibilities as needed to ensure the effective and successful operation of the facility and responds on a 24-hour, 7-day basis to significant unusual occurrences; Performs other duties which serve to promote and enhance the facility’s performance; Maintains professional competence and awareness, participates in training, reads professional journals, maintains and encourages memberships in professional organizations, demonstrates ethical behavior, seeks information on trends and regulations in corrections, encourages involvement of academic community, conducts training, and supports and participates in research; In the absence of the Superintendent, acts as Superintendent when so designated.
Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or a behavioral science supplemented by courses in administration, or experience, education and training equivalent to a 4-year college education in criminal justice, corrections, security or another relevant field is required; At least ten years of progressive experience in corrections; At least five years of this experience will be in a supervisory capacity, with a minimum of three years at a level of supervisory responsibility no more than one
step below this position; Strong leadership ability, sound judgment, and effective administrative ability; Thorough knowledge and understanding of the objectives and principles of career development and advancement programs; Demonstrated ability to guide, direct and coordinate the efforts of others; and, Experience in working with the Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is preferred.
Licenses and Certificates
Valid Virginia Driver’s License; Current or previous certification as a Jail Officer through the Department of Criminal Justice Services; Handgun qualification.
Send letter of interest and resume to: Colonel Paul Perry, Caroline Detention Facility, PO Box 1460, Bowling Green, VA 22427