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Health Services Directors


Health Services Director – SMS - 70015231

This position does have a financial disclosure.


This advertisement is for an SMS position located in the Office of Health Services in Tallahassee, Florida.



The Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) is seeking a Health Services Director for the Office of Health Services (OHS). This Executive Leadership position has statutory responsibility for developing and overseeing a comprehensive health care delivery system and promulgating all department health care standards. This includes the delivery of comprehensive medical, mental health and dental services, and all associated ancillary services, to more than 80,000 inmates. Services are provided through a single, statewide comprehensive health care contract and in partnership with state agencies and other organizations. The total health services budget is $577 Million.


·       The Office of Health Services oversees and manages the delivery of health care services and statewide functions such as planning, technical assistance, training, policy development, grievance appeals, clinical legal issues, contract management and monitoring, budget development and tracking, informatics/analytics, partnership development and health care re-entry planning. The Department also handles pharmacy dispensing services. The Health Services Director is supported in these efforts by a Clinical Advisor who serves as the final professional authority for the Department, and experienced Bureau Chiefs for each health services discipline (medical, mental health, dental, nursing, pharmacy, and administration).


·       Candidates for this position must be either a professionally trained health care administrator with progressively responsible experience in health care administration, or a physician licensed under Florida Statute 458, or an osteopathic physician licensed under Florida Statute 459. No other qualifications will be considered. Previous experience with correctional health care preferred. The Department is seeking an individual with strong administrative and leadership skills for this position. 


Support of knowledge, skills, and abilities should be demonstrated on the application, in the education, in the work experience, in the work sample, in the interview and/or during reference checks.


If you are interested in this position and meet the above indicated qualification and have the desired education, knowledge and experience, please submit a State of Florida Application and resume through the People First system (https://www.dms.myflorida.com/workforce_operations/people_first).

If you experience problems applying on-line, please call the People First Service Center at 1-877-562-7287.