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Introducing an all-new, exclusive one-day event! 

*Special Event happening Thursday, Jan. 4, 2024 – all day!

The “Education in Corrections Symposium” will be held on the first day of the American Correctional Association’s Winter Conference January 4th, 2024. This symposium is in ADDITION to our traditional conference format full of amazing workshop sessions, presentations, exhibitors, events and speakers. You won’t want to miss our General Session special guest speaker.

This Education in Corrections Symposium is a platform for correctional professionals, educators, researchers and thought leaders to come together and discuss the intersection of education and corrections. Attendees can expect a dynamic and interactive program combined with a trade fair within the same room featuring insightful presentations, panel discussions and breakout opportunities. The symposium will feature the importance of education in correctional facilities, highlighting its potential to facilitate rehabilitation, reduce recidivism rates, dramatically reduce institutional violence and foster safer communities both within and outside our correctional facilities while serving as a catalyst for positive environment and culture change. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with industry experts, analyze data, exchange ideas and gain a deeper understanding of innovative educational approaches and strategies being utilized to deliver education in what can be a challenging environment. The Education in Corrections Symposium strives to educate the profession on the many incredible programs operating around the country, encourage and inspire collaboration, spark creativity and drive positive change in corrections with data driven outcomes.

Expected attendees include legislative leaders; federal, state and local leaders across the intersection of education, criminal justice, reentry and related supportive fields; correctional professionals, officers, administrators and managers; educators and researchers specializing in criminal justice, corrections and related fields; representatives from government agencies, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions and students pursuing degrees or an enhanced understanding of education in corrections.

The symposium is designed to attract a diverse group of individuals with a shared interest in the intersection of education and corrections.


Call for Proposals FOR WORKSHOPS: ACA is committed to delivering top-quality workshop sessions for Health Care/Treatment, Juveniles, Staff Training, Security, Jails Management/ Services, Reentry, Special Populations, Leadership, Public Health, Staff Wellness, Sustainable/Green and Facility Design at this conference.

*Workshops happen Thursday–Sunday, Jan. 4–7, 2024

Share your expertise:

 – Present a multidisciplinary approach

– Exhibit relevance to a cross section of corrections

– Represent exemplary practices in the corrections field

– Examine contemporary issues on correctional staff professional development

– Present practical and evidence-based information

Submissions must include: 

– Title


– 3–4 learning objectives

– Resumes and bios from all speakers

– Speaker/moderator list (including name, job title, agency, city and state)

– Outline detailing what will be addressed