153rd Congress of Corrections

August 10-13, 2023

Philadelphia, PA



We are looking for workshops that:

  • Present a multidisciplinary approach (Treatment and security staffs)
  • Exhibit relevance to cross section of corrections administrators, managers and line staff
  • Represent exemplary practices in the fields of adult prisons and jails, juvenile corrections and detention, and community-based programs
  • Examine contemporary issues on correctional staff professional development
  • Present evidence-based and best practices information

Training Areas include:

  • Health care/Treatment
  •  Juveniles
  • Correctional Operations (security)
  • Staff Training
  • Jails Management/Services
  • Reentry/Community Corrections
  • Special Offenders
  • Public Health
  • Leadership
  • Staff wellness
  • Sustainable/Green
  • Facility Design, etc.

Submission packet MUST be submitted 5 months before the conference. All workshops MUST include:

  • Title
  • Workshop Summary
  • 3 Learning Objectives
  • Resumes, disclosure forms and brief Bios from all speakers (1 moderator and a maximum of 3 speakers please follow instructions detailed in the Proposal Application)
  • Workshop outline detailing what will be address in the workshop.

Guidelines to Present an ACA Workshop:

  • Anyone associated with corrections can submit a workshop.
  • All speakers and moderators must be active ACA Members
  • Vendors are welcome to present but a correctional agency/facility (client) needs to be the primary speaker.
  • Vendors can only serve as a secondary speaker.