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ACA has the following marketing opportunities, tailored to suit your marketing needs and publicize your company's message to the corrections and criminal justice fields.

Corrections Today Magazine Advertising

With a readership of more than 125,000, Corrections Today magazine is the premiere magazine for decision makers at correctional facilities nationwide. Whether your products or services are geared toward county, state, federal, military or private agencies and institutions, an advertisement in Corrections Today magazine will reach your target audience. By advertising in Corrections Today, your company will be introduced to ACA's members, along with professionals who attend ACA's two annual conventions.

An award-winning, full-color magazine published six times a year, Corrections Today features information about the latest issues and developments within the corrections field. The feature articles:

  • Highlight field experience
  • Analyze current legislation
  • Give summations of technological and service advancements
  • Share views on correctional issues from industry leaders and visionaries

Corrections Today also presents a first-hand look at the latest products, services and technologies available, thereby enabling advertisers to reach their target market directly and maximizing their results in the corrections and criminal justice fields. Don't miss this opportunity for your advertisement to reach corrections professionals nationwide.

To learn about the frequency discount rates, arrange your display advertising schedule and rates, or to ask for your copy of the Corrections Today Media Kit, call 1-800-222-5646 ext 0030 or 0035 or e-mail

Corrections Compendium

This quartely research publication reaches the corrections professionals and policy-makers from across the country. Advertisers depend on Corrections Compendium.

This peer-reviewed, research-based ACA journal is an essential resource for the top criminal justice administrators nationwide. By advertising in Corrections Compendium, your products and services will be in a prime position to be seen by the individuals who make the major purchasing decisions. For nearly 25 years, corrections professionals have turned to this source for current and vital information. This quarterly publication includes articles by corrections professionals and criminal justice experts, including academics, lawyers, judges, architects and directors of community and private programs.

Since the journal serves as a working database of developments and statistics, readers hold on to and refer to it year-round, giving your advertisement a longer shelf life. Call 1-800-222-5646 or e-mail to arrange your display advertising schedule and rates, beginning at $150, or to ask for your copy of the Corrections Compendium Media Guide.

On the Line - Newsletter

This ACA 8-page newsletter is published bi-monthly. It focuses on correctional issues of national interest and is member oriented.

The newsletter is e-mailed to 13,000 members and is electronically sent out via e-mail to 5,000 members. Reach members via this newsletter by e-mail! A banner Ad will be included with a 250 word description or message accompanying it with a link to your webpage - all for $1000 per issue. Call 1-800-222-5646 or e-mail, for more information on advertising today!

Banner Advertising

As the Internet becomes an increasingly popular business tool, advertising on it has evolved into a vital component of successful promotion campaigns. A banner advertisement on ACA's Web site,, will give your company's products and services the exposure you need to impress decision makers in corrections as they visit ACA's Web site. An ACA Web site banner advertisement will provide your company the opportunity for advertising 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a minimum of 30 days. There is no better way to provide corrections' professionals with a direct link to your company's Web site. For information on banner advertising, call 1-800-222-5646 or e-mail

Conference Planning Guide

Regardless of whether you sell products or services, it takes advertising to attract the buyers you need to be successful. By advertising in the American Correctional Association's Conference Planning Guide for either the Winter Conference or the summer Congress of Correction, you will let the corrections professionals who need your products and services know who you are. This publication offers corrections professionals a first-hand look at what to expect at the ACA's conferences. It serves as a valuable reference tool, containing pertinent information on conference registration, hotel reservation procedures, airline travel and ground transportation and a schedule of conference workshops and social events. This advertisement will give your company exposure throughout the months prior to the conference, as potential conference attendees refer to this publication for all their conference planning needs. For more information on advertising in the ACA's Conference Planning Guide, call 1-800-222-5646, or e-mail

Conference Program Book

Want to get the attention of thousands of potential clients all at once? The American Correctional Association's Program Book and Exhibit Guide is the advertising bonanza that can do this. This publication, which is received by all the attendees at the summer Congress of Correction and the Winter Conference, will provide your company with a high profile throughout the entire event and beyond.

You can use your advertisement to:

  • Invite attendees to visit your booth;
  • Highlight the products or services offered by your company; and
  • Profile your company's history and experience.
  • When attendees register at the conference, they receive a complimentary copy of the Program Book, which contains important conference information on workshops and sessions, the opening session keynote speaker, exhibit hall social events and activities, the exhibit hall, convention center and hotel floor plans and alphabetical indexes of all exhibitors and advertisers. Even after the conference is finished, attendees will continue to use the Program Book and Exhibit Guide in their daily activities as a reference source of the latest products and services in the corrections field. To find out more about advertising in the Program Book and Exhibit Guide, call 1-800-222-5646 or e-mail


    Juvenile and Adult Correctional Departments, Institutions, Agencies, and Probation and Parole Authorities Directory (JAD)

    By placing your company's advertisement in the Juvenile and Adult Correctional Departments, Institutions, Agencies, and Probation and Parole Authorities Directory (JAD), you are allowing correctional practitioners from all levels to see your advertisement on a daily basis. Considered the correctional white pages, this valuable resource contains contact information for correctional facilities and key personnel in state, federal and military institutions, as well as probation and paroling authorities, including contact names, addresses, phone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses. An advertisement in the JAD will open your company to a wealth of sales opportunities, by ensuring national exposure in a publication that holds a full-year user shelf life. Don't miss out on the opportunity to reach nearly 20,000 corrections professionals by name and to receive visibility in the most sought after ACA publication. Call 1-800-222-5646 or e-mail, to speak with a sales representative about advertising in the Juvenile and Adult Directory.

    National Jail and Adult Detention Directory

    With a two-year shelf life, the National Jail and Adult Detention Directory will give your company an extended advertisement that will reach thousands of county corrections professionals nationwide. This publication is referenced continually during its biannual lifespan for its complete listing of facilities, key personnel names, addresses and phone numbers, as well as vital information such as operations budgets and capital expenditures, program and staff information, and population for each facility, giving your advertisement high visibility to your target audience. For more information on advertising in the National Jail and Adult Detention Directory, call 1-800-222-5646 or e-mail

    Probation and Parole Directory

    Your company is sure to reap great benefits from an advertisement in the Probation and Parole Directory (P&P Directory). Considered the definitive listing of probation and parole professionals, this valuable reference tool contains every state, county, regional and district adult and juvenile probation and parole department. With more than 6,000 contact names, addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers, the P&P Directory is a heavily used resource that promises frequent visibility for advertisements and helps your company receive unlimited sales opportunities and national exposure in a publication that has a three-year user shelf life. Discover the rich rewards of showcasing your company as a leading supplier to the probation and parole market. Call 1-800-222-5646 or e-mail, for more information on advertising in the Probation and Parole Directory.

    Annual Conventions/Exhibitions

    ACA's annual Congress of Correction (summer convention) and Winter Conference are the most anticipated corrections events in the industry. As the largest correctional gatherings of their kind in the world, ACA's conventions provide exhibitors with an opportunity to personally interact with thousands of corrections professionals. Fellow correctional practitioners meet each year to discuss and debate today's toughest correctional issues and discover innovative technologies and services available to the growing field of corrections. Exhibiting offers prime opportunities for companies and individuals to reach key correctional decision makers. Exhibit space fills quickly, so call ACA's Conventions Department today at 1-800 222-5646 ext. 0011 to reserve your exhibit booth.


    Membership is open to all individuals and organizations with an interest in the correctional and criminal justice profession. Benefits of joining ACA include:

    • A subscription to Corrections Today magazine
    • A subscription to On the Line, a newsletter covering current topics and trends, as well as Association news
    • Reduced registration rates for the Congress of Correction and Winter Conference
    • Discounts on publications and correspondence courses
    • Complimentary directories covering every major sector of corrections

    For further information on membership with ACA, call 1-800-222-5646, ext 0047. For online services, visit ACA on the Internet for more details.