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Page Title: Online Corrections Academy

Purchasing Options

Purchasing Options for Agencies/Facilities

(Click to Review an Option)

1. Bulk/Volume
2. Learning Management System/Access to Entire Course Library
3. Licensing Courses
4. Multi-Jurisdiction
5. Course Development Services
6. Course Subject Areas


Information Request Form
CLICK HERE to request more information, receive an *ACA standards crosswalk, and/or schedule a free demo.


CLICK HERE to contact Diane Geiman, Administrator, ACA/COTC Online Training

Purchasing in Bulk /Volume
Organizations can purchase courses in volume directly through the Online Training Store. The ordering process is simple and enables facilities/agencies to purchase online courses centrally and assign them directly to staff. ACA members and ACA accredited facilities receive additional discounts.

Purchase Now


*A standards crosswalk matches online courses to ACA standards in a particular standards manual. Courses are approved to meet the requirements of ACA standards.

Learning Management System/Access to Entire Course Library
This solution provides you with access to our entire course library and Elevate®, a state-of-the-art learning management system. Elevate™ is flexible, its administrative functions are easy to use, and many of its features can be customized. Key features include the ability to:

Manage Staff Training Records
- Automate training records and staff development plans
- Assign required training programs
- Provide access to managers to view their staff's training progress
- Simplify registration for live training classes


Comply with Training Requirements
- Monitor staff activity and document completion of training
- Generate customized reports to monitor compliance
- Post online announcements to staff and send staff reminders of training deadlines
- Train staff on key policies and procedures
Customize Course Development
- Add facility/agency courses
- Add content to existing courses
- Randomize final exams
- Create and administer online evaluations, assessments, and staff surveys
More tools are available…



Licensing Courses
Agencies with a learning management system may license our SCORM compliant courses. Pricing is based on the number of seats for selected courses and volume discounts are available. ACA members and ACA accredited facilities receive additional discounts.



This solution gives you the opportunity to manage and oversee training in multiple jurisdictions, agencies and/or facilities with roll-up reporting across agencies and the ability to share new training content with your entire network instantly.



Course Development Services
Our team can develop interactive and SCORM compliant courses from your own training curricula and modules. Courses are designed using principles of adult learning to ensure learner engagement and comprehension of the material. We offer three levels of design to accommodate all training budgets and can incorporate multi-media features into the courses.

Consultation is also available for agencies developing their own courses to upload in Elevate®.



Courses are available for staff within all disciplines and levels in the following subject areas:

  • Safety and Security

  • Offender Management

  • Communication

  • Medical and Mental Health

  • Juvenile Services

  • Supervision, Management and Leadership

  • Workplace Issues/Human Resources

  • Special Needs Offenders

  • Computer Skills

Accredited courses are available for medical and mental health professionals


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